7 Steps to 7 Minute Appointments


**This asset is designed to accompany the webinar titled, “7 Steps to 7 minute Appointments” accessible by scheduling your 1-on-1 Session. 


Your PRIMARY CONCERN is to get business.

And yet, you have this frustrating tendency to “psyche yourself out” over things that really have nothing to do with Notary.

I can give you a phone number to a man whom I just hung up the phone with, and he is looking for a mobile Notary ASAP. I can’t personally accept this client, so therefore, I give you his contact number.

At this moment of added pressure, What do you do next?

You need a plan.

You absolutely need a plan.

This is what is covered, so then you can walk away with practical steps to conduct an easy, CLEAN, seamless appointment [aka the 7-Minute appointment].

Now that you’ve downloaded the “7 Steps to 7 Minute Appointment” worksheet…it’s Time for your Notary success story!

  1. You have access to a 1-On-1 Session and we will nail down your cues and questions. If this feel like you are absolutely lost, this session would especially help you simply because you can ask specific questions.
  2. a 45 minute Zoom going one-on-one to practice and refine these steps so you can not be caught -off guard during any appointment. 
  3. Do you want a Notary business that can run on autopilot?

    No problem!


This has nothing to do with Loan Signing.

The 7 Minute Appointment will give you the confidence of a professional expert in your handling of complex situations.

Your clients are starving for a smoother process.

This is accomplished through previous prompting, information gatherings, and finally a total understanding for the whole process once Signing day arrives.

What You Get: 7 Steps to 7 Minutes Downloadable Asset, Replay, plus 1-on-1 Session.




We DO NOT offer reschedules. If you do not show up for the Zoom you will NOT be able to book another.

Want to chat by email before scheduling this session?

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