“Money On The Line: Making Every Caller Your Client” Course


**This asset is designed to accompany the Zoom Video workshop titled, “Money On The Line: Making Every Caller Your Client” accessible by scheduling your 1-on-1 Session. 

Imagine giving people who call you exactly what they were looking for?

Here’s what you will discover in the Course so then you can walk away with practical steps to interact with callers,

    • immediate Guide Sheet download (bring this to your Session)
    • including details to re-mention,
    • refraining from nervous and unnecessarily repeating details,
    • and leveraging the conversation tone & pace so Callers feel privileged to work with you!

In this session, you will get the 5 Common Phone Call Types and how to immediately recognize them.

Who is the “Discovery Caller?”

…or the “Direct Caller?”

…or the “Questioner?”

For instance, you will begin to recognize what was the customer’s journey up until the point they contacted you.

This is crucial because it details specifically what has the Caller tried prior to contacting you.

What has worked, and what hasn’t? Have they called other Notaries previously? Did another Notary say, “No?”

Is this a revision of a previous Notary attempt that failed? Is this their first time?

Are they calling around for prices? Times? Availability? Unusual accommodations?

After this 1st hour, you will be equipped to engage in any communication (phone or email) and be able to discern if this is a serious inquiry or move on.

Learn a simple way to quickly know why a person is calling.

In the 2nd Hour Session, you will get the exact steps to implement recognition techniques that I use to schedule consistent appointments practically on-demand.

Tone Matching. How do you respond to a Caller with frantic in their voice? Do you match their urgency with short quick questions? Or do you slow. them. down. And walk them through your process?

Now that you’ve downloaded the “Money On The Line” worksheet…it’s Time for your Notary success story!

  1. You have access to a 1-On-1 Session and we will nail down your Phone Processes.
  2. a 45 minute Zoom going one-on-one to practice and refine these steps so you can not be caught -off guard for any circumstance, and properly re-steer conversations to making them a Client!
  3. Never been to a hospital emergency room, correctional facility, or memory care center?

    No problem!


This has nothing to do with Loan Signing.




We DO NOT offer reschedules. If you do not show up for the Zoom you will NOT be able to book another.

Want to chat by email before scheduling this session?

Send a message to: automate@goldenstampnotary.com