Notary On Automation Full Course



Worried about vanishing clients?
This program is ideal for Notary Publics and Loan Signing Agents who are;
✔️ Working PT/FT jobs and want to increase their Notary opportunities
✔️ Currently getting requests, but want to bring systems
✔️ Not interested in wasting any more time, and ready to take action to stand out
✔️ Clear and focused on building a business – and not giving themselves another J-O-B
✔️ Notaries who want to get paid what they’re WORTH!



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1. Can I start this if I haven’t done a Notary appointment yet?

For the right person? Yes, starting your Notary business with Systems in place from the beginning is forward-thinking, even if you have yet to get your first appointment. Keep in mind, you can’t Automate what you DO NOT have. Many of the concepts may be unknown to you at first, but you will see why they are important. Again, for the right person, absolutely yes. To become an exceptional Notary Professional with the highest standards, go to The Notary Business School. Prefer to speak about your specific situation, then click here to schedule a call.

2. Are there any similar programs like this?

No. However, there are unrivaled programs like the #1 Notary Education Platform The Notary Business School that has the only curriculum I would recommend to give a Notary of ANY experience level the most comprehensive and complete understanding of the Notary Profession from the foundation. I can instantly tell when someone I meet is a product of TNBS.

Also, there is no equal to the Notary Cashflow Academy where the full content about marketing your business is crucial to the Notary entrepreneur. The very unique needs of the Notary, and the specific challenges that, often times, 1st-time Entrepreneurs who are Notaries are experiencing, are taught and delivered in a class of its own. College degrees could be obliterated in this Academy. The material, webinars, books, masterclasses, etc., are required reading for any Entrepreneur involved with Notary! The $250K Call Script is essential for Notary businesses.

These are distinct programs that build the ultimate foolproof Notary Public business. It’s quite simple and the blueprints are above. This Course won’t teach you the craft, nor usher you to designing, achieving, and capitalizing on your own unique flavor, like the respective above-mentioned programs. The Automated Signer System, successfully takes what you have built to this point thus far, and simply automates the whole thing.

3. I don’t need the whole 5 weeks. Can I skip ahead?

True, some course takers have accomplished their level of automation in less than the 5 weeks. In other words, after just Part 3, the Course Taker was satisfied with their progress and performance at that point, and completed Part 4-5 in later weeks. This course, however, is set to release access to content in specific order, so the answer is “no.” This is done to ensure success!

4. I work a 9-5pm. Can this work for me?

Yes. You are the “especially short on time” type. If you averaged 7 minutes appointment, could you fit in 1-2 before, afer (or even during) 9-5pm work? Good news. Specifically in Part 5: Video 3 of the Course, I demonstrate the concept of the 7 Steps to 7-minute Appointment, and making appointments ultra efficient.

5. Will this affect my job as a Loan Signing Agent with Title and Signing companies?

No. You will always have a choice. Yet, imagine enhancing your Loan Signing department and commanding what you REALLY FEEL YOU SHOULD BE GETTING PAID, simply by giving Title Companies who do contact you, the capability to book you?

Once you complete the Course and have a business engine in place, you will now command the Rates you set. The after-affects are fewer Loan Doc appointments that you feel indebted to accept.

6. I want more control over my life. Can the Automated Signer System help?

More energy comes from doing things you love. Spending time with family, working on side projects, traveling, or sleep. The Automated Signer System solves a unique predicament particular to the Notary profession, which is scheduling. If you want more control over your life, make a schedule, and stick to it.

7. What is #CertifiedGOLD?

Finish the successful completion of the Course, then take a quick test, and accept an invitation to an incomparable group of Notary professionals. These are Business Owners who are known as Early Adopters in Silicon Valley. Special Advanced webinar training sessions are available for this group.