Plan Your Price Guide Sheet with 1-on-1 Review


This asset is designed to accompany the Zoom workshop titled, “The Formula: How To Calculate Your Price.”

Here’s what you will discover in the worksheet;

  1. step-by-step formula
  2. practical directions using your bills, expenses, and time.
  3. how to breakdown and list ALL the items that will require ANY of your time
  4. rate sheet outline to develop your own template
  5. scenario-guide based on settings (real estate, medical, jail, etc.)
  6. and insights to uncover value for any appointment requests!


Now that you’ve downloaded the “Plan Your Price” worksheet…it’s Time for your Notary success story!

  1. You have access to me and we will nail down your expected hourly rate
  2. We will determine your appointment baseline
  3. and uncover the value for any appointments relative to your region
  4. **Must have a website and business phone** Sorry, no exceptions.



We DO NOT offer reschedules. If you do not show up for the Zoom you will NOT be able to book another.

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