Thumbtack for Notaries


Are you struggling to generate new clients? Is your workload getting on top of you? Discover how to stay productive using Apps like Thumbtack that do all the work of finding quality leads, and delivers them to your business. Finally! You can get more appointments all while staying sane.

Notary Publics fit into 1 of 2 primary categories; real estate or general signings. For many of us, we’d like to combine both! Loan Signing Agents will discover there are amazing benefits of building their client base with more than just Title Companies, and third-party signing agencies. It means not having to rely on the ebbs and flows of the unpredictable real estate market, and satisfying the personal needs of Title executives. 

It means that you can work in your own business that you designed, you accept the rates that you decide, and most importantly decide when and how you work, and getting back to the things you find inspiring. 

This Automated Lead Generation Assistant is the 1st of 3 parts of the Automated Signer System that demonstrates step-by-step how to setup your Thumbtack profile to have a hands-off approach of building a semi-passive Notary business. 

Here’s what you will discover in the video walk through;

  • profile set up
  • pre-populating automated messages
  • how to set your budget
  • distinguish between the best Leads
  • techniques to capitalize on Reviews
  • and much more!